You are at the right place to begin your journey on a peaceful path to confident living!

There really is a path to find your sense of peace in the middle of all the circumstances that confront you. While none of us can  control all the outside situations, you can learn a process to find the deep wisdom to make confident choices in the face of your reality. As Victor Frankl learned as a holocaust survivor: 

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.... Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom. 

You can start finding your path today! 

You can easily learn the skills to stop reacting negatively or stuffing your emotions when you:

  • feel so stressed that you are ready to blow up at the next person who talks to you, 
  • feel like you are on your last nerve and anything might be too much to handle,
  • feel too emotional to even think straight,
  • feel like your patience with someone you care about has run out,
  • feel like your reactions are putting important relationships at risk, or 
  • feel like your 'inner critic' is berating you, your ideas or plans and robbing you of your confidence.

Some Reactions to HCS Focusing


 Shifting From Reacting To Responding

"I’m understanding more about my triggers. As I acknowledge my triggers, I feel like these additional 5 lessons  will help me to understand the feelings that I am experiencing and provide a way to move past them.”


Didn’t Realize the Power of Self-Compassion



"I found focusing to be a really unique and effective tool/process. I didn't realize the power of having compassion for all parts of my life, including the events, people and my responses to those events and people. I used to engage a process… that emphasized  rejecting lies, while HCS Focusing involves on having compassion…. That explains in part why I’m experiencing much more growth from this course than the previous tool I used."

Shift From Being Overwhelmed

“The first day was a blessing. It reminded me to shift from overwhelmed to a piece of me. When I set with it, I realized what the shoulder pain really was, I was feeling like a failure when I was carrying someone else’s box of rocks. I really liked the daily steps. They helped me work to a solution!”

Visualize Yourself

Finding that you can actually pause, be present in the moment and with a quiet mind find a life-affirming response when you would normally have reacted negatively.

Realizing that you can quickly tap into the deeper inner wisdom to make wise choices to the situations that you would have made fear-based choices or avoided and felt paralyzed. 

Making decisions with confidence from an inner awareness and deep knowing of the right choice in any situation.

Hello, I am Paul Fitzgerald.

For more than 25 years I have been assisting people just like you to find and breakthrough the internal barriers to living their best life. 

All of us, to one degree or another, unconsciously over-identify with our emotions and can lose our sense that we can 'have emotions" without them 'having us.'

Every cell in our body has innate  intelligence about our inner process of 'being and becoming' the expression of our invincible preciousness - our Larger Self.  Our bodies knew how to "be" before we had language to think or analyze.

However, we too often live cut off from sensing our body's ways of communicating with us and consequently live as if we are only a much smaller self.

The amazing truth is that you can learn the skills to renew your inner awareness, live your Larger Self and find peace, compassion and confidence replacing anxiety, needless suffering, rivalry and negative reactions.

You can begin making a permanent change in you life today. The first step can be our "Growing Bigger Than What's Provoking You!" online course - and it's offered at no cost. Yes, that's correct - it's FREE!

Start Today "Getting Bigger Than What's Provoking You!"

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where did HCS Focusing come from?

    In the 1960's, Eugene Gendlin and others were researching characteristics that could predict the most effective approaches to therapy. To everyone's surprise, they discovered that if the counselee had difficulty putting into words what was coming up into their awareness, it would highly be an excellent counseling outcome without regard to the approach of an empathic therapist. While that seems counter-intuitive to many, for Gendlin it was the clue to the person sensing the implicit knowing of the body. From that discovery he developed what has become knowns as Focusing.

  • Is HCS Focusing Therapy or Coaching?

    While Focusing is not therapy or coaching. Many therapists and coaches blend it effectively with their work with clients. The common goals include awareness of emotional barriers, finding internal resources for positive changes and deep wisdom that gives confidence in making wise decisions and choices. However, unlike therapy or coaching, in Focusing (by yourself or with a partner) you will learn skills that you can use anywhere and anytime. You are the expert in you. The goal of HCS Focusing is to equip and empower you to use Focusing as a life-time skill in any situation you encounter.

  • What does "HCS" mean?

    HCS is short-hand for HeartConnexion Seminars. For more than 20 years, HCS has offered experiential training seminars. More than 5,000 people have attend BreakThrough Seminar and others. HeartConnexion "empowers people to live wholehearted, authentic lives through immersive experiences and community spaces." HCS Focusing is consistent with the core values of HeartConnexion Seminars. You can find more at www.heartconnexion.org.

  • Is HCS Focusing mostly about meditation and mindfulness?

    Meditation (or contemplation) and mindfulness all involve practices that lead to being present in the moment and detached from stressful thoughts and feelings as a way to experience inner peace. Unlike, meditation and and mindfulness, Focusing is a process of being present and engaged with inner awareness of our embodied-self in a way to sense the path to deep life-change.

  • Is HCS Focusing spiritual?

    HCS Focusing is consistent with healthy spirituality that empowers people to find peace, wisdom and courage to find creative responses to life consistent with their spiritual values. You are the only expert on you and HCS Focusing teaches a skill that you apply rather than a set of beliefs you need accept for it to be effective.

Start Online - Free!

Growing Bigger Than What's Provoking You!

New to Focusing?

If you are new to focusing then it  is easy to start with our no-fee eCourse Growing Bigger Than What's Provoking You! 

The eCourse includes: 

  • 5 Practice skill videos that can empower you to begin choosing your response rather than reacting. Each practice builds on the previous lessons and will guide you through the process.
  • 5 Practice skills to print in a downloadable pdf format.
  • 5 Reflection videos by someone who has used each of the Practice skills.
  • A bonus video of a mini Focusing Session demonstration.
  • A no-fee Focusing Session with Dr. Paul Fitzgerald after completing the course - a $75 value.
  • The option to set your own pace going through the course.

New to Focusing?

This is the place to start your journey

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Next Level HCS Focusing Course

A Peaceful Path to Confident Living

Watch for information about a New Live Online course to help you take your HCS Focusing to the Next Level!

After completing Getting Bigger Than What's Provoking You! and the Focusing Session with Dr. Paul Fitzgerald, you can take HCS Focusing to the next level.

Watch for additional details about enrolling in A Peaceful Path to Confident Living.

A Peaceful Path to Confident Living

Your Next Level online interactive group HCS Focusing

After completing Getting Bigger Than What's Provoking You! and the Focusing Session with Dr. Paul, you can explore taking your focusing experience to the next level with a small group live online training.

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Me and My Shadow

Me and My Shadow: Healing Stuck Places

You Can Grow Beyond Negative and Self-limiting Reactions to circumstances and the behaviors of others.

Tired of repeating negative and self-critical reactions that block you from creating the life you want when you:

  • over-react angrily toward another's comments and actions,
  • feel personal embarrassment for another person's actions as if you are doing them,
  • become irritated with someone who is not meeting your expectations, 
  • lose your enthusiasm for a new project, adventure, job possibility or creative expression,
  • feel overwhelming self-doubt or self-criticism about your competency for a task or relationship?


YOU CAN FREE YOURSELF using the practical and easy-to-use SHADOW WORK TOOL in this course.

Me and My Shadow

Healing Stuck Places

This eCourse provides you with a way to identify your Shadow areas, a tool to move past the trap of finding yourself repeating negative self-limiting patterns that are not your best self.