5 Practices to Grow Beyond Reacting

Find Yourself Reacting in Ways That Are Not Effective?

You can easily acquire the skills to stop reacting negatively or stuffing feelings when you:

  • feel so stressed you are ready to blow up at the next person who talks to you,
  • feel like you are on your last nerve and anything might be too much to handle,
  • feel too emotional to even think straight,
  • feel your patience with someone you car about has run out, or
  • feel like your reactions are putting important relationships at risk.

HeartConnexion Focusing can be your path to acquiring these skills and others if you are tired of reacting to fear, anger, resentment, sadness, humiliation, anxiety, and more provoking emotions as if they are Bigger Than You? 

Relief is on the way in this series of 5 Practices.

For more than 25 years I have attempted to help people breakthrough their internal blocks to creating their best life to make courageous and confident choices that creatively express their life energy.

Using these HeartConnexion Focusing tools has been personally transforming for me. For the past two years, I have been involved in intensive training in using them and teaching the skills others and it is now time to begin. I look forward to sharing them. 

Here is my personal experience:

I have to confess that I had my doubts that using these 5 practices would really add more tools to my toolbox. At first, they seemed too simple to have much impact for me. I was surprised because they have been very transformational to me personally to step out of reacting and regretting as well as creating a peaceful space within me to experience the joy of life and a sense of tapping into deeper wisdom. - Dr. Paul

5 Transformational Practices That Will Give You Skills To:

  • Stop being emotionally hijacked by negative feelings.

  • Consciously shift from reacting to responding from your truest self.

  • Find a path to peace independent of current circumstances.

  • Discover your "Inner Critic" is an assent not an enemy.

  • Identify and change habitual ways you have been bypassing feeling that can lead you to wholeness.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome: Read this first ... Suggestions for the Course

    • Introduction to Growing Bigger Than What's Provoking You!

    • Tips to navigate your way through the course lessons.

    • Before we begin... a question for you....

  • 2

    Practice 1: Shifting to "something in me ...."

    • Practice 1: Recognizing "something in me"

    • Print Practice 1: "Something in me...."

    • Applying Practice 1: "Something in me ...."

  • 3

    Practice 2: Saying "Hello" and Acknowledging the "something in me...."

    • Practice 2: Creating an Empathic Inner Relationship with the "something in me."

    • Print Practice 2: Creating an Empathic Inner Relationship with the "something in me...."

    • Applying Practice 2: Saying "Hello" and Acknowledging it.

  • 4

    Practice 3: Pause with Curiosity About the "something in me...." - Felt Sense

    • Practice 3: Pause With Curiosity about the "something in me" - the Felt Sense.

    • Print Practice 3: Pause with Curiosity About the "something in me" - the Felt Sense.

    • Applying Practice 3: Pausing with Curiosity About the Felt Sense Under the Provoking Feeling.

    • Applying Practice 3: How Can I "Be With" My Inner Critic?

  • 5

    Practice 4: Creating Inner Space for All the "somethings in me."

    • Practice 4: Creating Inner Space for All the "somethings in me."

    • Print Practice 4: Creating Inner Space for All the "somethings in me."

    • Applying Practice 4: Finding Your "Self-in-Presence" with the "Felt Sense."

    • A Mini HCS Focusing Session Finding the "Felt Sense" Under the Provoking Felling.

  • 6

    Practice 5: Adding "No Wonder" for Self-Compassionate Awareness

    • Practice 5: Adding Self-Compassionate Self-Awareness

    • Print Practice 5: "No Wonder" and Self-Compassion

    • Applying Practice 5: "No Wonder"

    • Some feedback before you go ....

Dr. Paul D. Fitzgerald


Paul Fitzgerald

Dr. Paul Fitzgerald earned the Doctor of Ministry at Asbury Theological Seminary. His research focused on internalized-shame and was recognized with Asbury's first Distinguished Dissertation Award. For more than 20 years he and his wife, Susanna, have assisted people in overcoming the internal barriers to living their best life through HeartConnexion Seminars (HCS). HCS Focusing is a process for individuals to discover life-forwarding change through awareness of inner wisdom that results in confident living in any life situation. More than theory, he found focusing to be life changing for himself. HCS Focusing is based on the extensively researched work of Eugene Gendlin, PhD and his discovery of focusing as a way to become aware of our inner relationship with the "felt sense" and inner wisdom leading deep change. He has intensive training in Inner Relationship Focusing with Ann Weiser Cornell and Barbara McGavin. In addition he has training in BioSpiritual Focusing with John Keane, International Director for the BioSpiritual Institute. He is also a member of the International Focusing Institute.

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