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YOU DESIRE TO GROW beyond negative and self-limiting reactions to some situations and the behaviors of others to create the life you want.

YOU FIND YOURSELF STUCK repeating negative and self-critical reactions that block you from creating the life you want when you:

  • over-react angrily toward another's comments and actions
  • feel personally embarrassed for another person's actions as if you are doing them
  • are irritated when someone speaks or acts and realize other people are not meeting your expectations
  • find your enthusiasm dies with self-doubt and self-criticism for a new project, adventure, job possibility or creative expression. 

YOU WANT TO BE FREE FROM BEING BLOCKED by life-taking shadow issues using the practical and easy-to-use SHADOW WORK TOOL modeled in this course.

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Goals of the Course

  • Learn to recognize behavior clues that suggest your Shadow may be activated.

  • Recognize when you are reacting out of your "Shadow-self" and when you are expressing an authentic emotion.

  • Learn the anatomy of how heart-wounds create Shadow-self issues.

  • Identify 15 major quality-of-life benefits From Shadow Work

  • Identify your resistance blocks to doing Shadow Work

  • Work stepwise through a 3-phase experiential Integral Shadow Work Tool

  • Have a practical, simple-to-use Tool to independently continue any Shadow Work.


Instructor Paul Fitzgerald, DMin

Dr. Paul Fitzgerald served a non-profit organization for 16 years in international pensions and benefits administration. He earned the CLU and ChFC designations, and he also earned the Doctor of Ministry with research in internalized shame. His professional training includes Certificates in Inner Relationship Focusing based on intensive course work with Ann Weiser Cornell and Barbara McGavin. In addition, he earned a Certificate in BioSpiritual Focusing based on work with John Keane and Joe Coletti through the BioSpiritual Institute. He is also a member of the International Focusing Institute and the BioSpiritual Institute. For more than 25 years, he and his wife, Susanna, have assisted people in wholehearted, authentic living through HeartConnexion Seminars. HCS Focusing is a process for individuals to discover life-forwarding change through inner wisdom that results in confident living in any life situation. “Focusing has been life-changing for me and much more than another theory.” Focusing was discovered and developed by Eugene Gendlin, Ph.D. Extensive research over many years has demonstrated its effectiveness. Focusing is a way to recover our inborn and innate “forwarding” and "felt sense," leading to removing barriers to our inner wisdom and creativity to confident choices.

Course curriculum

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    1. Lesson 1: Sources of Our Shadows

    2. Lesson 1: Personal Reflections Preparing for Shadow Work

    3. Lesson 1: What was your major take-away about your Shadow sources?

    4. Lesson 2: Trouble Our Shadow Creates

    5. Lesson 2: Discovering Shadow Clues, Stories and Spirituality

    6. Lesson 2: Share your reflections, insights and story as you care.

    1. Lesson 3: Why Do We Resist Shadow Work?

    2. Lesson 3: Exploring Shadow Sources in Dysfunctional Rules, Shame and Spiritual Bypassing

    3. Lesson 3: Share some of the resistance you recognize in yourself.

    1. Lesson 4: First Step Using the Integral Shadow Tool

    2. Lesson 4: First Step Guidelines

    3. Lesson 4: First Step Insights

    4. Lesson 5: Second Step Using the Integral Shadow Tool

    5. Lesson 5: Second Step Guidelines

    6. Lesson 5: Second Step Insights

    7. Lesson 6: Third Step Using the Integral Shadow Tool

    8. Lesson 6: Third Step Guidelines

    9. Lesson 6: Third Step Insights

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